Journey for the Heart
Journey for the Heart  

Words to bring courage. Hope for our hearts.

As we meander through seasons, hopping over boulders in the way, maneuvering around a bend in the road, we sometimes tucker out. Life is so often a mixture of hard work, sweaty palms, and perplexing events that we may become disoriented in the middle of the trek.

How to get there from hereBut the God of all Creation, who keeps the planets secure on their rotations, can be trusted to perfectly direct our hesitant steps. He uses the Scriptures as an unfailing guide to point out who he is, where to go, and how to get there from here. Woven into each portion of Journey for the Heart is a call to let the Lord accomplish this magnificent purpose in our lives.

We may stumble; he will pick us up. We may fail; he cannot. As we continue on, let us allow him to use his Words to cheer us and fill our hearts with hope for the rest of the journey home.

Presented via weekly devotionals and interactive discussion, Journey for the Heart invites you to come alongside and discover for yourself that God can be trusted, regardless.