I was fourteen years old when I first surrendered myself to the Lord and gave Him control of my life. He has taken me on adventures I would never have chosen, asking me to travel to dangerous lands I never desired for myself or my family. But for each portion of the trek, He has come alongside and offered me the companionship of His sweet, loving Presence and the steady, unwavering strength of His Word. I experienced His sufficient grace and mercy for each day as I leaned desperately into the comfort of the Scriptures. My survival depended on it.

For the years we experienced the raw side of life through a myriad of unexpected open heart surgeries, a traumatic heart transplant and our son James’s sudden death. But despite the heart- wrenching loss we are now forced to live with, we have been privileged to have front row seats to view God in blazing, undiluted brilliance. He has stretched Himself over us like a powerful shield, and though we have known daunting struggle, we have never, not for a moment, felt abandoned. He is always enough, always more than enough. His provisions are endlessly sufficient and He has proved Himself to be fully and completely trustworthy.

Even today I know that He is fully capable of leading us through each stage of our continuing journey with Him. He has never failed and He never will.



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