Every Day

Image 1“Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.” Psalm 145:2

Every day means even today, perhaps especially today, when the toilet is clogged, the roof is leaking, the traffic is jammed, and the flight is delayed. Every day means that today I will look for opportunities to bless God, regardless that the rent is overdue, the in-laws have moved in, the crop has failed, or my child has moved very far away.

Even on a day like today I will choose to praise him as I consider the blessings that are beyond measure. He provides more oxygen than I can draw into my lungs, and more beauty in one flowering plant than anyone should be allowed to see. He gives us contagious laughter in a roomful of friends, discernment and wisdom through a parent’s insight, and obvious delight mirrored in our grandchildren’s eyes – more than one person should be allowed to experience in a lifetime.

Today amidst the maddening pace, the crowded places, and the unexpected turns I will look for the Lord to show up. I will keep my ears tuned for the sound of his voice even when a thundering crisis is looming overhead, or I am imprisoned inside an ICU cubicle with its exhausting, incessant drone.

Today I will bless the name of Jesus because my knees can bend, my fingers can grasp, and my mind, at this particular moment, has the ability to recall memories vividly. He will hear me blessing his name whenever I chose thankfulness over ingratitude and slip inside the shoes of another traveler rather than shove them off the path as I force my way along.

I will gift the Lord with blessings as I wait patiently for his answer to my pleas and not grumble at his apparent indifference, mindful that his best work is done in darkness. I will slow my pace for a moment this day and consider his goodness, remember his faithfulness, celebrate his kindness, bask in his forgiveness, and rest in the grace he furnishes for free.

The Lord of heaven and earth invites me to give him a blessing even today, especially today. Tomorrow I am allowed to do the same again. It seems forever and ever will give me adequate time to put all this into practice!

“I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth” (Psalm 34:1).

Elizabeth A. Mitchell


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    Jeanie says

    I will bless the Lord – even when i do not understand – whether to go or stay.

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    marina grantcharov says

    willing the God’ Bless Elizabeth with all she is doing for us.Thank you God that you brought her in our life.

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