“Sing praises to the LORD, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth.” Isaiah 12:5

The cardinal fluttered by on Friday and settled for a smidge on the garden fence, its royal red robe instantly mesmerizing. Perched on the pole like a model waiting for the cameras to roll, it sang a clear whistled phrase and darted off as swiftly as it came. My eye trailed after it like paparazzi in pursuit.

Clustered in tight starry blossoms, the purple penta protrude beneath ficus trees, sunbeams coating their leaves in shades of silvery light. The Princess palm waves arms above the dense foliage as if to draw attention to itself, the wind swishing through its green plumes and swirling around the hazy blue South Florida sky.

Smashed shells and squishy orange seaweed lay strewn on the crusty shoreline as I slip away for a solitary walk on a Saturday afternoon. Waves creep close and sprawl across my feet, slapping my ankles with their tranquil beat, marking the coastline with salty specks of foam and quieting me.

Children scamper through the door on Sunday morning, eyes bright with expectation for the adventure ahead. Their sneakered feet bounce from one corner of the room to the next, investigating the creative stations set up in their honor, pitching balls, heaving plastic fishing poles, affixing decals to imitate stained glass. Filing through to the room next door, they are transfixed by fuzzy puppets with embroidered smiles and gifted teachers who speak truth without compromise.

Darting birds, insignificant blossoms, curious children… reminders that majesty and the miraculous can creep into ordinary weekend routines. The Creator leaves his trail of calling cards aplenty. We miss his point entirely if we assume the spectacular must show up and surprise.

Elizabeth Karram Mitchell

Photo Credit: Paul Westell

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