Shows Up

“For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.” (Psalm 107:9)

You meet me in the ordinary, where cobwebs and dust collide and leftovers are the order of the day. In the absence of dazzling or noteworthy and an abundance of drab and homespun, you show up to surprise. The familiar and routine are always a spectacular canvas for your display.

I find you in the quiet places, tucked within the linings of my world, where noise is quarantined to the time-out corner and stillness rests its head against the strong shoulders of hope. In solitude you are my greatest company. Alone with you, I am surrounded and made full.

You envelope me in the chaotic moments, when winds roar furious and wild, and I am strapped inside a boat capsized and torn. Where nothing makes sense at all, you do. With my armload of panic and backpack of stuff, I run in your general direction and find you where nothing else proves worthy or reliable or sane. You are all-sufficient in goodness, in greatness, in power, bearing the weights and burdens you never intended me to manage on my own.

When the lines are blurred and confusion reigns supreme, you are still in charge. In the place where mayhem is the ruling majority and clouds droop low and gray, you see perfectly into the distance. When busyness is bomb shelter and war zone, you are peacemaker, joy-bringer, strength-provider, and ever so much more.

Wherever I find myself, you are fully there. Completely, unreservedly, compassionately there.

Elizabeth Karram Mitchell

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