Small World

FC 2015 (122)“Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” Mark 5:19

If for a moment I conclude that God is far removed from my world, I need only skim a few pages of the Gospel to gather an altogether different story. I find Jesus by the sea and in the fields caring and loving, teaching and touching, healing and helping, giving and serving. By his actions Jesus proved he was approachable, reliable, and consistently compassionate. Where he traveled, wherever he turned, he affected and transformed lives, leaving them far better off than he found them. He revealed the face and the heart of God, and he is still about that task today.

The carpenter from Nazareth did not particularly impress everyone. Some wandered off unaffected and perturbed. When I take him for granted, lock him into a box of my design, am less than amazed at his work and his ways, I imitate them. I have a propensity to be self-absorbed, when all the while he is front and center, dazzling and astonishing. He will reveal himself in the ordinary places, in the cramped corners of my busy world, but I am often oblivious.

He bends low and enters my sphere, seeking me out at sea level, at eye level, on level ground. He is Immanuel, God with me; God for me; God by my side. As the waters roar and foam, he climbs into the boat with me. When I foolishly presume that he is unaware, I join the disciples and accuse him unfairly: “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” He speaks to me, as he commanded the weather all those years ago. “Peace. Be still!”

The wind ceased that day in Galilee and “there was great calm.” He still affects me just so.

Elizabeth A. Mitchell

Photo Credit: Paul Westel


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    Lois says

    Thanks, Elizabeth, for this message of Christ’s calm in this busy VBS week with all the rest of life demanding attention.

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    Ray Bridgham says

    Thank you Elizabeth

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    Sandi Davis says

    Elizabeth you are so amazing. .you put into words a message that comes,alive and a opens our hearts and minds to the truth …we need to study Jesus actions and duplicate them in our life… And just know that the Peace of the Lord is with us always… Always thank you I love you

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