Track Record

“Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.” (Acts 3:19-­20a)

We trip awkwardly, sprawling our secret sins in full view of cynical eyes.

Later, we cringe, fearful of lifting our heads lest anyone condemn us further for our regretful behavior. Ashamed, we bury our faces in self‐condemnation. Who will forgive us now? Who will refurbish our shameful lives?

God will. If we doubt his ability to forgive and restore, if we believe our transgressions beyond his redemption, we fail to comprehend his track record.

In Acts 3, Peter teaches us the radical extent of God’s forgiveness. A crowd of Jews in Solomon’s portico of the temple surrounds the apostle. Boldly, Peter lays out God’s case against them, reminding them they were the ones who delivered Jesus to Pilate. He tells them plainly that they denied the Holy and Righteous One and actually killed the Author of life (Acts 3:13-­‐15).

Yet even these criminal acts against the Son of God do not disqualify them from God’s forgiveness. Further in the chapter, Peter reassures them that they “acted in ignorance” and calls them to repentance, to make Jesus Christ their Lord.

Through the lips of Peter, God actually extended forgiveness to the ones who participated in Jesus’ death. What iniquity could be more heinous? Since God willingly forgave these wretched offenders, we can be certain he is willing to forgive us as well. Our complete reconciliation with the Father is possible. Ask him to pardon and restore us to fellowship with him. His Son already paid the full price for us to obtain that costly gift.

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